Cities and Towns

Bone Hollow

A small town with an unusually high percentage of half-orcs. Years ago, the remnants of an orc tribe was taken in by the humans of the village. The orcs remained, helping protect the viallage, and now half the village is half-orc.


This small town is well known for its bread and cheeses. Most of the inhabitants are halfling. In fact, the name comes from the halfling saying, “A piece of bread in hand is worth two loaves in the oven.”


Cillamar began as a small village on the road to Castle Whiterock hundreds of years ago when it was held by the Empire of Crieste. Over 300 years ago, a red dragon razed the town and it has only began to recover in the past half century. Recently, Cillamar has become a boomtown, as rich veins of minerals have been discovered in its vicinity of the Ul Dominor mountain range, increasing the amount of money moving through the town. Also, refugees from the Warland have flocked to the town, driving up crime and decreasing the cost of manual labor.

Far Cirque

This town cannot be found by anyone that it doesn’t want to be found by. It’s known that some of the Northlands’ best gen-cutters live here and that a good portion of the population is gnomish. However, powerful magic protects the town and the Mava Terestere (“mother diamond” in Gnomish), a massive gem of enormous power, misdirecting anyone searching for the town.

Far Luerre

This town is what those who are looking for Far Cirque find without a someone to guide them. The town is a small, sleepy backwater. Many of its residents are boorish and cranky, and unlike its sister town, it has little going for it.


This small city, the only true city in the kingdom, is the seat of the monarchy and the largest hub of commerce for hundreds of miles. Sitting on the coast of the Valfors Bay, at the mouth of the Morro River, it is said that the very walls of the city are magical. Though King Mirias Stormwarden commands a small garrison, none have ever breached the city’s walls, whose malachite veins glow green in the dark.


This once bustling town is now nothing but a cursed ruin. Home to few despondent souls that remain to eke out what existence they can, the town is full of empty buildings, unused wells and unmanned walls. At the center of town, four black marble statues of the town’s founders stand, frozen in their moments of anguished death. The elders refused to bow to the Harbinger King five hundred years ago and they were killed as a result. Powerful magic sustains the statues, nothing can move or destroy them, so they remain as a symbol of the sacrifices of the people of the Vale against tyranny.


This is a small burrow town mostly comprised of gnomes. The hardworking townsfolk mine and farm, and do their best to protect each other from goblin incursions from the mountains.


On the edge of the elven nation of Anseur, this town is home to scholars, wizards and hunters. The queen of Anseur has extended protection over the town and the king of Morrain sends ambassadors to the elven realm to keep the queen apprised of what goes on outside her forest realm. The elder of the town is a venerable human mage that rarely leaves his town. The preeminent sage in the Northlands, he is very difficult to meet without performing some service he may require.


This strange town is a stopping point for those entering Morrain from the West. The architecture is advanced for the country and the residents, though friendly, rarely desire to leave. This is probably because the town is near the cursed Witch Wood.

Cities and Towns

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