Humans Humans are, of course, the most common race in Morrain and can hail from any of its communities. The most adaptable of the races, humans are perhaps the ones most at home in all of Morrain’s varied environs.

Dwarves Approximately 32,000 dwarves live in Morrain, most dwelling in the outlying villages and hamlets close to the Ul Dominor Mountains. Many trace their ancestry to the dwarves of the Holdfast, but have chosen a life less insular than their mountain-dwelling cousins, turning their skill with metal or the combat arts to the defense of the nation they love.

Elves Seventeen thousand elves call Morrain their home. Some have come from the Anseur Forest, while others have fled the defoliation of their homelands far away. All have found welcome and unconditional loyalty in the Argent Vale and now name King Stormwarden their liege. Adventuring elves can come from any of Morrain’s settlements, large and small.

Gnomes It is no surprise that the abundance of gems in Morrain’s eastern hills accounts for the presence of the gnomes.

Halflings – The wee folk are uncommon, though not rare, in the far North, the bitter winters running counter to their longing for the creature comforts. The halflings that do make their home in Morrain are typically found in the small towns and cities.

Half-elves More than 47,000 half-elves live in Morrain, for the relationship between elf and human has been a good one for centuries. Easygoing and charismatic, the half-elves are typically welcomed by most communities.

Half-orcs Half-orcs are far from common in Morrain, but with seasonal orcish raids, it is not unusual for a settlement to have a token “pig blood” born in given year. With rare exceptions (such as in the town of Bone Hollow), halforcs are cursed with difficult lives, inheriting the enmity the community bears for their fathers and condemned to short lives of menial, backbreaking work. Half-orcs adventurers are typically those who have risen above their circumstances, taking destiny into their own hands. Whereas any young human or elf noble might make the choice to try his hand at adventuring, a young half-orc who has succeeded in gaining a suit of hide armor and fire-hardened spear has already overcome more adversity then most would-be adventurers see in a lifetime.


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